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The Hotel de France is located in one of the main streets in the center of Aubusson. Nestled in lush greenery, the Capital of Tapestry is located in the heart of France in the department of Creuse, in the Limousin region. To mark a step, during a stay in Aubusson, or during a residential seminar, the richness of our beautiful city worth a visit.

Charming welcome, a high quality property with a range of services, a cozy restaurant, noted for its creativity. The table displays a confirmed France's gastronomic tradition and offers a beautiful gourmet meal inspired by traditional recipes of the Creuse and authentic flavors.

Hotel Le France, in the elegant surroundings of an ancient building of the seventeenth century and especially a former coaching inn. He was later a mansion in the eighteenth century.

On the cadastral map of Aubusson dating from 1814, we can see that the building is part of the so-called C-1818 section of Seiglière and Cadastral wore two numbers: 118a and 118b including a house, a stable and courtyard. The owner is Mr. Gerbeau.

The building was located on the FRANK STREET which later became the Rue des Deportees policies more usually now the Rue des Deportees.

Www.saintrap.com on the site can be found some rare photos of the Franche street with Hôtel de France, and some anecdotes:

It includes a reproduction of an old key ring of France indicating that the telephone number is 22 in Aubusson (note that the current number ends with 22 !!!). On the key ring is engraved the motto "Tell me where you eat and I'll tell you who you are"

The Hotel de France was already in the very first edition in 1900 Michelin Guide.

We found a note from 1922 detailing some interesting information about the comfort offered at the time: "Modern rooms with hot and cold water, central heating, bathroom and ELECTRICITY" Mentions also indicate "Omnibus trains, rooms for weddings and banquets, Garage. " The hotel was registered in the Touring Club de France.

After the 14-18 war settled in Aubusson and the "Hairy" region that formed a choir that was gathering in coffee France to share their songs to clients and the public.

In front of France, there was the first cinema Aubusson and tickets were available at the reception of France. The cinema was located at 7, rue, today Passant institutions.

Known figures attended the Hotel which artists and actors Fernandel, Fernand Raynaud, Henri Genoa, Kurt Jurgen; more recently Johnny Halliday, Nathalie Bayle, Mimi Maty, Cécile de France, Victor Lanoux, Patrick Bruel, ... The France also hosted politicians including Patrick Devedjan, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marielle de Sarnez ...

One of the best chefs in France, Chef Troisgros came to France invited by a chocolatier Chef d'Aubusson, to taste foie gras from France, always appreciated by connoisseurs.

Most cartoonists, weavers and renowned artists came to France, including Prassinos, Dom Robert, Jacques Lagrange, and also Dirk Holger workshop Jean Lurcat.

The unfortunate war period saw the premises of France requisitioned by the occupying army who had made the "Kommandantur" Aubusson

The Hotel has seen good times with the owner as Dubreuil family, who made The reputation of France and following the death of Mr. Dubreuil, the Hotel was taken over by the company Fayolle and Mr Fanton.

After going through different leaders and a less happy time, the property was bought by the Verbeke family, specifically located in the international trade of food products, which wished to entrust the management to a professional Hospitality . It has since Mr RJ HAWAII who is the Patron.

The Hotel is located at number 6 of the street of the deportees, which was renovated with an inauguration in June 2010. This street is now very friendly, and the implementation of wide sidewalks allows different terraces to welcome the customers during the summer season, but also to install hawkers at flea markets and other events in the street.

Famous people in France ...

In our hotel in the beautiful facade of granite, neat and cozy décor is known as Space Art Aubusson tapestry.

Over the years The France hosted the characters who have distinguished themselves in many fields:

Our rooms have big names in Aubusson Tapestry.

The personalities came to France names were applied to the backs of chairs in our restaurant. You will be able to occupy the chair:

Les Compagnons de la Chanson, groupe vocal

Michèle Torr, chanteuse

Fabrice Luccini, acteur

Roger Mirmon, acteur

Patrick Devedjan, homme politique

Gromaire, peintre-graveur-dessinateur

Jean Lurçat, peintre cartonnier



Dom Robert, peintre cartonnier

Mario Prassinos, peintre cartonnier

Jacques Lagrange, peintre cartonnier

Jacques Fadat, artiste cartonnier

Jean Fourton, artiste cartonnier

Jacques Cinquin, peintre cartonnier

Dirk Holger, atelier jean Lurçat

Annie Duperey, actrice-romancière

Victor Lanoux, comédien-scénariste

Marielle de Sarnez, femme politique

Gérard Jugnot, acteur-réalisateur

Saïda Jawad, actrice-auteur

Michel Delpech, auteur-compositeur interprète et acteur

Mathieu Amalric, acteur-réalisateur

Pierre Bellemarre, écrivain-animateur radio-TV


Mademoiselle Jorrand ou Monsieur Danton (Mariage de deux grandesfamilles de Tapissiers en novembre 1894)

Raymond Poincarré (Président de la République en 1913) 

Fernandel, acteur

Troigros, cuisinier à Roanne

Jacques Mesrine, ennemi public n°1

Curd Jürgen, acteur

Uderzo, dessinateur BD

Henri Leconte, tennisman

Serge Blanco, rugbyman

Jacques Chirac, homme politique, Président de la République

Julie Depardieu, actrice

Brigitte Fossey, actrice

Henri Génès, acteur-chanteur

Claude Brasseur, acteur

Chevalier & Laspales, duo humoristes

Mimi Mathy, actrice-humoriste

Patrick Bruel, chanteur-acteur

Johnny Halliday, chanteur-acteur

Nathalie Bayle, actrice

Cécile de France, actrice

Frédéric François, chanteur-compositeur

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, homme politique, Ministre

Fernand Raynaud, acteur-humoriste

Izia Higelin, actrice et chanteuse

Dany Brillant, chanteur

Patrick Sébastien, Chanteur-Animateur TV

Not to forget the gala dinner organized by the kitchens of France during the visit of President François Mitterrand in Aubusson!


Hotel de France

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