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Welcome Center or Wellness · Spa Therapy, come and relax in a warm couple, with family or friends.


Fatigue stress, you have only one desire: to heat! In this case the sauna is ideal. It is a dry heat at a temperature varying from 75 to 90 degrees; it causes sweating of the body, and thus ensures the elimination of toxins while stimulating blood circulation. The sauna provides total relaxation and restores suppleness to the joints; it is also beneficial for muscle pain, fatigue and increases our strength.


The hammam or steam bath is a nice bath to sauna-like sweat, but with a quite different climate. Not as hot but more humid, the temperature varies 43 and 46 degrees. The steam bath not only brings the trigger activates the irrigation of the skin, cleans and regenerates. It can be beneficial in cases of respiratory and rheumatic diseases.


This bath is heated to a temperature which you want the water is stirred by bubbles of air jets and pressurized water jets. Dipping gifts a body temperature liquid stops the body reheat function and provides a state of well-being. Water movements have the effect of diluting muscle tension and fatigue.


Take a soothing bath light, relax, regain his good humor and energy necessary for the proper conduct of its daily activities ... so many simple pleasures we derive a therapy session.

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